Did you ever notice your pet starts acting strange as the night draws closer? Well, you aren’t paranoid, dogs can experience nighttime anxiety, which makes it hard for them to fall asleep. Some symptoms include pacing or frequent repositioning. 

Talking to your vet if your pet is experiencing night time jitters is important in order to rule out any potential medical issues. If everything gets ruled out, you can then start to readjust their sleep cycle.

Here are some common causes of the night-time jitters:


1. Anxiety: This is especially the case in older dogs. Older dogs are more prone to getting anxiety from even simple things, such as a change in the placement of furniture in the home. 



2. Potty breaks: If you have an older pup, they might have trouble controlling their bladder. Take them out for their last bathroom break as late as you possibly can to ensure they are not anxious about having to urinate in the middle of the night.





3. Lack of exercise: Sometimes dog’s don’t get all of their energy out during the day which will cause them to be restless at night.





4. Aging: Vision and hearing impairments as well as other physiological changes can affect how dog’s fall asleep.





Here are some tips to re-adjusting your dog’s sleep cycle:


1. Make the room dark and quiet.





2. Use devices such as running water or a ticking clock to soothe your pup.






3. Make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise throughout the day to tire them out and prevent too much left over energy.







4. Supplements: Try our Calm + Comfort chews! Our chews contain organic hemp seed oil as well as organic chamomile flower, valerian root and organic passion flower all which assist in calming and relaxing your dog naturally and safely.





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