These days it seems like there is a holiday for everything, and some of them can get pretty kooky! Pet holidays are becoming more and more popular and let’s be honest...more and more bizarre! But who cares!? It’s all in good fun! Who isn’t down to celebrate their furry best friend? Here’s a list of 5 strange pet holidays you can celebrate this year! 



1. Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 20th): Yes, this is actually a holiday! How cute is it to think of a dog wearing glasses and a tie, typing away on a laptop with a mug of coffee next to them. Even though it seems silly, the purpose of this holiday is to inspire others to adopt from shelters and humane societies. All we know is, our office would be so much better if it was full of dogs! 





2. If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 13th): I know what you are thinking; “This CANNOT be real!”, but yes, yes it is. March 13th is a day to think about what life would be like if our furry friends had thumbs! Would they use it for good..or perhaps evil? Either way it is interesting to think about. In fact, there is a list of activities people do with their dog on this day, such as teaching them how to high five, painting their dog’s nails, and making a list of the endless possibilities that could occur if yes... pets had thumbs.





3. International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (February 23): This is probably your dog’s favorite holiday as they get spoiled with all of the biscuits and treats their little heart desires! From dog “toothbrush” treats, to treats that look like bacon..there is definitely something for every pup. Try baking some dog biscuits for your pup to celebrate! 





4.  Ugliest Dog Day (June 22): There’s something to be said about having a face only a mother could love..and this day is for those pups! Although we think every dog is adorable, sometimes it’s their little quirks and imperfections that make a dog so “ugly,” that it’s cute! Every June 22nd an event is run in Petaluma, California during the Sonoma-Marin Fair to crown the world’s ugliest dog, with a $1,000 prize for the winner! Take that “studs!”





5. Pet "Fashion Week" (last week of August): When thinking about this holiday, the only thing that comes to mind is a bunch of dogs and cats walking the runway in designer clothes. Oh what we would pay to see that...and can! Every year during the last week of August, Pet Fashion Week NY takes place. The event usually has a charitable theme, such as echo-friendly fashion. It’s all to raise money for the New York Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a charity that works with more than 150 rescue groups and shelters to save the lives of the city’s homeless animals. Donations are used to fuel the Mayor’s Alliance’s Picasso Veterinary Fund to pay for medical care for sick and injured dogs and cats from NYC's Animal Care & Control shelters. Pictures of the dogs and cats are also posted on booths to give event-goers and vendors the opportunity to stop by and learn more about the Alliance and its efforts to save lives in New York City.





Even though some of these holidays are bizarre and funny, most of them have a deeper and charitable purpose, usually bringing awareness to a subject or raising money for a good cause. So let loose and celebrate some crazy pet holidays with your four-legged best friend!