As much as we wish our pets would stay young forever, there will come a day when they are considered seniors. We love our pets and want to assure they maintain a high quality of life, no matter how old they get. Follow these tips to improve your senior pet's quality of life.

1 - Stay Active

Assure your pet gets proper exercise, even if it is slow and light. Keeping your pet mobile will keep their joints and muscles healthy. Make sure to go slow and not overdo it.

2 - Exercise Their Mind

Keeping your pet's brain sharp is just as important as their body. Practice training or engage in puzzle games with your pet, offering treats as prizes.

3 - Switch to a Senior Food

It is a good idea to switch your pet's food to a formula specifically made for senior pets. Many senior foods will increase fiber and other nutrients your pet needs as they age.

4 - Keep it Comfy

Make sure you provide your pet with comfy cushions and bedding to sleep on, as it will help soothe any aches or pains they might have.

5 - Add Supplements

Add a supplement for joint health and mobility, as well as a multivitamin to support other areas of your pet's health. Adding salmon oil is great for a healthy coat and skin. 

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