We all love our fur babies and want to protect them the best we can. Keeping our pets happy and healthy is a huge priority. Here are 8 ways to keep your furry best friend in the best shape possible.


1. Proper nutrition: Feeding your cat the proper and right amount of food is vital to keeping them at a healthy weight to prevent obesity related illnesses such as high blood pressure, and heart and respiratory disease. Make sure your cat gets ample water and that treats make up no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calories.



2. Spay/neuter: It is important to get your cat “fixed,” which means have their reproductive organs removed. This prevents some forms of cancer and disease as well as expands your pet’s life expectancy.   


3. Vet visits: Making sure your pet gets a regular yearly vet visit can be imperative in catching any health issues that may arise early on. Vets can perform routine check ups including checking joints, teeth, overall health and perform blood tests to detect early illness. Make sure your cat gets vaccinated for things such as feline distemper and rabies to keep them in optimum health.



4. Socialization: Play with your cat often to allow them to get enough exercise and social time. If your cat has excess energy and doesn’t get to burn it off with toys, your house might suffer the consequences as they could start scratching up furniture.



5. Keep a pet friendly home: Make sure foods that can be harmful to your cat’s health (onions, garlic, chocolate, etc) are far out of reach. Assure that your home is “pet proof” which includes using childproof latches to make sure your cat doesn’t get into any cabinets or trash cans and make sure any medicine or cleaning supplies are out of reach! In addition, make sure there are tons of high surfaces such as shelves or cat trees for your cat to rest on, as they like being up high.



6. Supplements: Supplements are a great way to give your pet a health boost. At Felix and Fetch we have created a variety of natural supplements to help your cat achieve their optimum health. Our dental wash fights plaque and tartar buildup, while promoting whiter teeth and preventing bad breath. We also have a collection of chews such as our Calm and Comfort Chew and Furball Fixer Chews to decrease hairballs and support a healthy digestive system.




We all want what is best for our furry best friends, so follow these steps and assure them a happy and healthy life.