Cats are often seen as spoiled and pampered, but that is not always the case! I’m sure we’ve all seen neighborhood cats running around. Have you ever wondered how they survive out there on their own? The truth is, many people take care of outdoor cats! So, is there a difference in the requirements and care needed by outdoor cats in comparison to indoor cats? Can you care for your indoor cat in the same way? We’re here to set the record straight!




Outdoor cats are constantly roaming and running around the neighborhood searching for food, water, and shelter. Indoor cats are a lot less active, and need more playtime. Indoor cats have less space to roam and encounter less stimuli (which is needed to keep their mind sharp), therefore they need more games, toys, and playtime than outdoor cats.




Outdoor cats have endless space to roam and avoid unwanted or stressful situations, whereas indoor cats are limited to where they can hide. Make sure your indoor cat has high shelves, perches, cat trees, or enclosed spaces to escape and feel secure and safe, especially if there are other animals or kids in the house.





Litter Box

As stated above, outdoor cats have endless space to explore, which means endless places to their “business,” while indoor cats use a litter box. It is super important to keep the litter box clean and scooped daily in order for your cat to be comfortable. The litter should be changed at least once a week and the box replaced yearly. Litter boxes should be kept in low traffic and quiet areas and there should be one box per cat.





Food and Nutrition

Indoor cats use less energy, so they need less calories and more protein to maintain a healthy balance. Since an indoor cat’s only supply comes from their owner, they depend on them for a high intake of clean and fresh water.



Skin & Coat

A huge indicator of your cat’s health is how their coat looks. Indoor cats sometimes suffer from dry or flaky skin often caused by dry air from a heater or air conditioner. A dull coat can also mean a nutrient deficiency, so be sure to keep an eye out and note any changes in your cat’s fur.




Whether indoor or outdoor, cats have many requirements in order to live a happy and healthy life. Here at Felix and Fetch, we are dedicated to using carefully researched and naturally sourced ingredients to provide plant-friendly products to allow your fur babies to live happier and healthier lives at home. We stay true to our core values: quality, affordability, trust, and family. Because when it comes to improving the lives of pets, it’s never a job. It's a passion.