If you have a cat you are all too used to the sound of them hacking and gagging...and then….up comes a charming sight. A puddle of hairball puke. While it is not exactly a treat for our eyes, it is not pleasant for your kitty either. 



Hairballs are actually a sign that your cat has a healthy grooming routine. Have you ever noticed the tiny hair-like structures on your cat's tongue? These collect loose and dead hair when your cat lickes themself. That dead and loose hair is swallowed and some stays in your cat’s stomach causing a hairball. It is important that your cat coughs up these hairballs because they could cause a blockage triggering ongoing vomiting, gagging, retching, lack of appetite, lethargy, constipation, or diarrhea. Always visit a veterinarian if you notice these symptoms because the blockage could be life-threatening if not taken care of properly and timely.





To prevent hairballs from getting to that level, try these remedies:


1. Feed your cat treats or gel designed to get rid of hairballs.


2. Feed your cat a little bit of butter or oil to help lubricate their digestive tract and expel the hairball.


3. Brush your cat's fur regularly to take away the dead and loose hair so when they lick themselves, they don’t swallow so much hair. 


4. Make sure your cat gets plenty of water and has a healthy diet. Cats need a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, grain-free diet to keep their digestive system healthy, as well as plenty of water to hydrate the intestinal tract.


5. Give your cat catnip or cat grass, which contains plenty of fiber to help keep the digestive tract functioning properly, allowing hairballs to be expelled. 




Cats are awesome groomers and love keeping their fur in tip top shape! Make it easy for them by following these tips to kiss stubborn hairballs goodbye.