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"Wonder Water" additive that helps fight plaque, tartar and bad breath!

Made with all-natural ingredients that prevents bacteria growth and keeps your pet's oral hygiene in tip-top shape.

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THE Best Oral Care
For Your Pet

Targets Plaque

Helps eliminate tartar & plaque buildup.

Freshens Breath

Reduces odor-causing bad bacteria in the mouth.

Gum Health

Supports healthy inflammatory pathways for healthy gums.

Tasteless & Odor-Free

Made with natural ingredients and ZERO toxins. Simply add to water.

Avoid painful and expensive dental procedures.

Our formula helps defeat the early signs of periodontal disease for your furry companion.

Prevents growth of bad bacteria, naturally.

Targets bad bacteria and tartar growth especially in places that toothbrushes fail to reach.

Say goodbye to bad breath!

Leaves your dog or cat’s breath smelling clean and fresh without any artificial additives.

Designed for healthier gums and teeth.

Helps maintain optimum gum health and enamel maintenance. Talk about sparkly clean.

It’s an easy peasy dental routine.

All you have to do is add a capful of the additive into your pets’ water bowl and you’re done!

No more brushing!

That’s right! No brushing. No chews. No professional cleaning. That’s something worth smiling about!

88% of pet owners report great results.

It’s a very simple yet effective way to keep up with your pet’s dental care without emptying your wallet.



Charlie T.

"This is hands down the best dental product for my dog I’ve ever tried! We are so happy that we made the decision to try this ‘wonder water’. It works really well! I can have him in my lap now without having to push his face away from me. Thank you Felix + Fetch!!"

Item type:

Fresh Dental Formula

Tina D.

"So far, I am very happy with the Fresh Dental Formula! It's true, my dog’s breath doesn’t smell, and it's true, his gums look healthy and teeth are pretty clean. It’s super easy to use and no brushing is required. So glad I decided to try it."

Item type:

Fresh Dental Formula

Lauren S.

"My 8 yr old dog Buster had no issue adjusting to the additive in his water. After a week, I noticed his teeth were visibly cleaner and continued to improve. The product has performed as advertised despite my initial skepticism. Great product F+F!"

Item type:

Fresh Dental Formula

Dave P.

"My cat had the WORST breath. Even sleeping near me I could smell it. I was very skeptical that this would actually work. After trying for just 2 weeks, I noticed his breath was not as stinky and now I don't smell it at all. Truly a life saver!"

Item type:

Fresh Dental Formula

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fresh Dental Formula safe for puppies?
Yes! Our water additive is great for all dogs and cats 12 weeks and older.
How long does the formula take to work?
Our dental formula works quickly to fight plaque buildup and freshen breath. Please check our recommended dosage guide to see how much you should give to your pet on a daily basis. Like all supplements, continuous use will only help with getting the results you want.
Is it possible to give too much formula to my dog or cat and what should I do if this happens?
If you feel that you have given your pup too much additive, it is recommended you see a vet ASAP. The daily dosage and instructions are printed on the label and should be read thoroughly before use and followed closely.
Does the Dental Formula change the taste of my dog’s water?
We have formulated the Dental Formula to be flavorless so that cats and dogs won’t refuse to drink it.
Is this product safe for humans?
Our products are only for our furry friends and are not intended for humans to use. Please keep the product out of children’s reach.